DEMA Sewing Machine Company

Photography, Video Production, Web Development

DEMA Sewing Machine Company


How Intel Productions stepped in :

DEMA Sewing Machine Company is the largest supplier of new and used industrial sewing machines for the apparel industry worldwide. DEMA not only sells industrial sewing machines, but also offers its customers turnkey sewing solutions.

Client Need: DEMA has over ten websites that scattered bits and pieces of all of their inventory and content. The company needed organization, and major updates to their online presence and eCommerce.

Client Solution:  We took it upon ourselves to research all of the company’s inventory, gather it, and add it to their newest website with better product content including photos, videos, a brochure database, integrative eCommerce solutions, website banners and Flash content. This concentrated all of the company’s information in one place that clients could research before making a purchase. DEMA now has hundreds of inventory with clean, marketable content with high SEO traffic designed to attract apparel companies worldwide.

We updated the company’s image as whole. Increased their online sales by 90%.