Catheter Sleeve Product LLC

Logo Design, Video Production, Web Development

 Catheter Sleeve Product LLC

medical field marketing

How Intel Productions stepped in :

The Catheter Sleeve Product is a company attending to the medical community that distributes their catheter products to hospitals across the nation.

Client Need: The owner had devised his vision and prototypes, now he needed to bring his product to life and into the hands of practitioners. He needed a website that could register doctors and government ran VA hospitals to mass order and carry his product.

Client Solution: We designed a captivating logo and helped to create a simple instructional video that showed how effective and easy this product was to use. Developed the website that consolidated the process of selling and distributing the product to hospitals all over the U.S.

Catheter Sleeve Product LLC has successfully expanded nationwide through its online ordering system and accessible instructional videos that make it easy for any patient and doctor to use.